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Let's Talk About Dishwashers
Jan 24, 2017 - 6:00 PM - by MrJoshua
MrJoshua's Avatar ...I mean, we have forum experts on everything else, right?

tl;dr version - I need a new dishwasher. Recommend something.

Long version:

I moved about eighteen months ago. The dishwasher in the new place sucks. So I decided to get a new one. I picked up a Bosch 800-series from Lowes, and ordered it with installation since they had a rebate going where the installation would be free after rebate. Yay, less work.

Anyway, they scheduled the installation between 9-12 on Wednesday of last week. Nobody showed up. A little after 12 they called to say they were running late and would be there later that afternoon. I wasn't available that afternoon so asked to reschedule for the next day. Of course they weren't available after that until Monday.

So, I called Lowes to get them to refund the money for installation and deliver the dishwasher instead so I could install it myself. They agreed to deliver it on Saturday when I'd be home.

The next day (Thursday, in case you weren't keeping track) they called me in the middle of a meeting to tell me they were on the way with the dishwasher. Idiots. So, I took the afternoon off and went to meet them.

They delivered. I installed. Yes I followed the instructions.

It didn't work. Error codes indicated it was collecting water beneath the ... bin? Basin? Whatever the proper term is. Anyway, it was leaking water and setting off the anti-flood device. I double-checked for leaks on fittings and such with no luck. So it's leaking somewhere inside.

So, three strikes. I returned it for a refund (which took half an hour because they screwed up the invoice when refunding the installation fee, and eventually they gave me the refund in cash even though I'd purchased on a credit card, so I got to carry a grand in cash around and feel like STS for a while).

So now I have a lovely hole where a dishwasher goes. Research online has led me to believe that every dishwasher currently made sucks and has massive problems. So recommend something. Give me a brand, at least.

I'm looking for:
A third rack because that looks awesome for utensils and the tops of sports bottles and coffee travel mugs.
Stainless steel, exterior and interior.
Maybe bottle jets? Not a must-have.
2 Replies
The "What went/ is going wrong today?" thread.
Jul 08, 2012 - 5:26 PM - by willsellout
willsellout's Avatar In the interest of fairness, I think we should have a place to post shit that sucks as well as a place to post when it does not.

I've got a headache that won't go away, my kid is acting retarded, I am traveling for work for the next week, and I don't really have any food in the house that I want to eat.

On the plus side, my kid is in her room for the foreseeable future, I have alcohol to help with the headache, and I'm sending the wife to the store to pick up some food. I'm also packed for my trip.
23,841 Replies
Trump's Facepalm(s) of the Day thread.
Nov 14, 2016 - 5:27 PM - by Samson
Samson's Avatar Surely there'll be more than one on any given day...


President Obama has personally pledged to spend more time counseling Trump than presidents typically do with their successors because Trump was "surprised by the scope" of the job.

A senior aide close to the president-elect confirmed that Trump’s victory surprised even his closest advisers, and that Trump did not want to “jinx” his chances of winning the election if he planned the transition too early.
Even they didn't think he'd win.
864 Replies
Surrogate Pic Thread
Sep 30, 2008 - 12:37 AM - by Incubitabus
Incubitabus's Avatar
25,042 Replies
The EU referendum debate
Jun 15, 2016 - 9:29 AM - by NotFSI
NotFSI's Avatar ...has got really fucking weird
683 Replies
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