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ironfist said... View Post
Thirty-seven percent of Americans are careless.
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ironfist said... View Post
Thirty-seven percent of Americans are careless.

Sorry, I just can't let it go.
Yes, you can.


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lecherous voyeur
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I won't!
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Freak said... View Post
I have 2 inhalers. My preventer is Qvar (beclometasone dipropionate). I get 2 every 50 days and it costs me 8.40. My reliever is Ventolin (salbutamol) which I request whenever I need it. Let time it was issued was 20th February (my preventer is good - I rarely need the reliever). That also costs me 8.40 each time.

If I was getting both monthly, it would be cost effective for me to get a prescription prepayment card. That costs 8.67 a month on direct debit or 104 annually up front. Carl has one as he has 4 different medications he gets each month. He doesn't have to pay anything on top of his direct debit for the prepayment card.
This is the way things *should* work
we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
-- anais nin
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My insurance called me to go over cost saving advice

After talking to me ( I was nice) they apologized because it sounds complicated

Back to being a burden!
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Samson said... View Post
Like a sunset, or honeydew mellon, or a 3rd nipple.
King Kashue said... View Post
She's right
catphish said... View Post
Sorry piggie. You were right.
Kindness said... View Post
I think you're right.
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