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2000-01 American jazz bass

Up for sale is my 2000-01 Fender Jazz bass.

I've had this bass for probably about a month. I bought it because I keep trying to convince myself that I'm more than a P bass guy. Well needless to say I'm not.

The only real blemish with the bass is that it has some scratching on the back. I'm sure that it was a belt buckle but who knows. Other than that the bass is in tip top shape. I had it set up recently with brand new D'addario strings. I also replaced the boring black pickup covers with cream colored ones. I also put on a set of black dunlop straplocks on this beast.
It also comes with a brand new roadrunner case.

This is a fantastic bass and it sounds great. I would love to keep it but I know that it will never get played.

I'll hear out GOOD trades. And even then I'm only really interested in amps. Specifically SVT's and V4's. But I'm mostly interested in selling the bass straight up. Don't try to low ball me. I don't need to sell this bass and the price is more than fair.

I can email you more pics if you're interested
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Since there's no price, and you said it's a great price, I'll assume that it's $100, and I'll come get it this weekend.
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yes, pls mention the price, so that it will be easy for interested people...
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