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G&L Sb2

I am selling my American made GnL Sb2 bass. This thing is fantastic.....in fact the only reason that I'm selling it is because I own three of them.

I'm guessing that it's a late 90's model because of the color and neck joint. These basses have been described as a P bass on steroids...and that's exactly what they are. No tone controls, just two volumes. So it's dead simple...rocks....and it really easy to play. I mean, what else could you ask for?

I also have a brand new tweed case for it that is included.

The neck on the bass is actually from a late 80's Sb1. So where as the Sb2 has more of a jazz neck, the Sb1 is more of a P bass neck (a bit wider and flatter)

I love this bass...and the color is really unique and awesome. I'm open to hear trades, I'm mainly interested in 410 and 6 10 cabs (with casters) But I would rather sell the bass
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I'll take it
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Did you get it?
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Holy shit Karl....

bassesofalessergod said... View Post
bassesofalessergod said... View Post
i'll buy you all the wood you want for a tele bass...

tell me ho wmuch!
best. post. ever.
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Wow, sorry I missed this one.

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No I didn't. ;(

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